4 Common Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Problems

diesel fuel injection pump

Diesel fuel pumps act as the core of all diesel engines for making the car run smoothly and efficiently.  It is a diesel engine’s heart that pumps diesel into the automotive engines’ internal combustion chamber to maintain the rhythm and to keep your car running efficiently. However, if your car has a fuel delivery issue then you will undoubtedly experience an engine breakdown.  Once you have encountered problems with fuel delivery, you can expect to have engine difficulties. So, let us explore the most common problems people tend to experience with fuel pumps and injectors in diesel engines. How does it affect your engine performance, and how diesel fuel injection pumps really work.

Quick Overview of Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps

What does a diesel fuel injection pump do? The Diesel Fuel Injection Pump is the heart of the diesel engine that makes the car run efficiently and smoothly. It supplies fuel to the engine’s internal combustion chamber and precisely delivered fuel to maintain the rhythm or timing that keeps the engine running smoothly.

4 Common Problems of Diesel Pump Injector

Fuel injection failures are the toughest problems to deal with. Therefore, it is important to resolve problems that occur with your fuel injection system as early as possible so you don’t experience engine problems.

There are two significant causes of diesel injector failure, and 90% of the issues can be traced to the quality of the fuel you are using. 

  • Deficient mechanical problems in the physical fuel injector housing
  • Lack of fuel quality

From these two things, several issues may arise and you can expect to have engine failures. Now, let’s look at the four common fuel injector pump problems.

  1. Dirty Fuel

If you can keep your diesel fuel pump injector clean, you will be able to trust the operation precisely and reliably. However, residue like gunk, grime, and grease can build up in the fuel system over time and can clog up the entire fuel injector pump. If you notice your engine is sputtering when trying to accelerate, this is a sign that your injector pumps may be clogging up and the clogged fuel spray tip might be the glitch.

  1. Low Fuel Tank Level

Driving with your fuel tank almost empty is not good for your diesel engine. You should at least keep a third of the tank full at all times because the fuel pump bearings receive plenty of lubrication. If your tank runs empty, the fuel system might suddenly be pushing air instead of diesel fuel. Anything but diesel fuel can wear out the fuel pump bearings which means the fuel injectors will not receive the fuel at the pressurized level it should be.

  1. Foreign Object Inside Injector

Diesel fuel pump injectors are high-precision items. There are some circumstances in which foreign objects can dwell themselves inside the injector that definitely creates some problems for the engine. One small object inside (a piece of dust, debris, etc.) can clog the injector and it will leave the injector open all the time. Then, it probably causes a tremendous amount of motion and the cylinder performance is compromised.

  1. Injector Timing Issues

The timing of the fuel transfer process is disrupted when the fuel injector pump’s O-rings or ball seats are defective. This is a serious issue that could require you to completely rebuild or replace your injection pump, depending on the circumstances.

Why Is a Diesel Fuel Pump Injector Important?

High-end engine performance is crucial to maintaining a healthy engine. An engine that has carried on fuel injection difficulties will fastly deteriorate and eventually fail. But you need to keep in mind that Diesel fuel pump injector is really important because:

  • It feeds fuel to your engine to keep it running smoothly. It can be done by compacting the fuel to high pressure where it’s lifted to the plunger and then sent to the injectors.
  • It adjusts fuel quantity when the fuel is injected and adjusted with engine speed.  The timing will remain the same and the outcome and the fuel dissipation will change. Also, the accelerator is fine-tuned when the output of the engine is directly proportional to the injected fuel quantity and injection timing. 
  • The diesel injection pumps regulate the timing from the time the fuel is injected, or ignited on its maximum combustion.
  • It’s also used to optimise the fuel to improve the ignition which typically results in full combustion.

Maintenance Reminder

Having an idea of the common problems with diesel fuel pumps and how to prevent engine breakdown will save you a lot of money. So, here’s the great news about fuel injector pump failures. There are three things that you need to remember that you will surely enjoy the high-end performance at minimal repair costs:

  • Purchase clean, reliable fuel
  • Change your fuel filter every 40,000 miles
  • Keep your fuel tank at least one-quarter full all the time

If you have encountered diesel fuel injection pump difficulties with your automobile or have any questions about fuel pump replacement components, ARA Engine Reconditioning has the answers you are looking for. To get in touch with one of our diesel fuel injection pump specialists, please check out our website https://araenginereconditioning.com.au/  for more information.

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