8 Signs When You Should Change Your Brake Pads Soon

Signs When You Should Change Your Brake Pads Soon

For ordinary people who doesn’t know anything a lot about cars, it is important to know even just the basics. Knowing the important things such as brake pads and when to change it is a must especially because you and your family’s safety depends on it. It’s not necessarily that you do it, you just have to know when and have a trusted car maintenance shop or your dealer to take care of it.

Brakes are important as they are used to stop or slow down a vehicle. Brake pads are an important part of your vehicle’s brake as they are the ones that applies pressure and friction to your car’s brake rotors. In other vehicles, you can find them behind the wheels. The said pressure and friction are applied to the brake rotor which eases back and stops the wheel. When the wheels quit turning, the vehicle quits moving as well. Despite the fact that the job of brake cushions as braking parts are really basic, the brake cushions themselves are definitely not.


Here are some of the signs you should check that indicates you need to change the brake pad soon.

  1. There are 2 lights up in your dashboard that indicates a could be sign of a brake problem: the handbrake light and the ABS light.
  1. A shrieking sound when brakes are applied
  1. Any discernible pounding or screeching
  1. Extended halting distance after stepping on the brake
  1. Throbs through the brake pedal
  1. A lower brake pedal that sits nearer to the floor
  1. Burning smell
  1. Car reeling to one side when you brake


If you experienced any of these, immediately call for assistance. If you are around Sydney, Parramatta, Sutherland Shire, Penrith, Blacktown or Campbelltown you may call us on (02) 9892 1033 or send us a message.

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