Car Problems That You Can’t Fix on Your Own

bare machine of a car

Not all car problems can be fixed by DIY. Some things just need to be brought to the people who are more experienced in this field as they have in depth knowledge on what needs to be done, plus it’s more economical than doing a trial and error fixes on your own. Don’t make a $50 fix turn to hundreds of dollars just because you thought it easy just from watching a YouTube video.


Timing-belt replacement

I remember a customer of ours who tried to replace the timing-belt for his car which turned a $$$ to an enormous amount of $$$$ repair work. What he did to his timing belt eventually damaged his car engine. You may think it’s easy from watching a YouTube video and you’re tempted to try it on your own, but we strongly recommend not to.


Engine Overheating

Your engine overheating can be an indication of many problems, it can be a problem with the cylinder head, a leak in the cooling system, blockage to the coolant circulation and more… If you don’t have an advance skill in repairing an engine, better to bring it to your trusted mechanic, doing this can prevent you from the hassles of spending much more on repair than you ought to.


AT Repair and Maintenance

If you have an Automatic Transmission, bring it to your mechanic for repair and maintenance. AT engines contain small parts, tight paths for hydraulic fluid and that is why you need to bring it to a skilled mechanic. This cannot be done through DIY .


Error Codes and Driving Performance

Vehicle misfire, trouble starting the engine, rough acceleration, low engine performance can be a sign of a greater problem of your car. If you are unsure why this happened or what caused the problem or never had an experience in fixing such issue, better bring it to a skilled mechanic.


Replacement of Suspension Components

For starters, understanding the huge force involved in a coil spring is hard, you might not get this in proper order even though it misleadingly seems easy to replace.

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