Common Car Problem: Uneven Tyre Wear

uneven tyre wear

Uneven tyre wear happens typically when tyres become overinflated or underinflated. It also happens when alignment is not proper. Tyre wear can be a toe wear which is an excessive wear of the inner or the outer tyre or a camber wear which is a result of improper wheel alignment.


Spot the problem

As tyres are one of the most important part of your car, it is just reasonable to inspect it properly before taking your car out on the road. The simplest way to recognise the problem is to examine every one of your tyres.

  • Check if there are any bald spots whether inside or outside.
  • Check also if there are any dents or if the tyres are uneven or there is a deformity it in its shape.


How to fix it / prevent the problem

Fixing the problem of uneven tyre wear can be done by following these:

  • Check the tyres’ markings or codes for information about the manufacturing of the tyre to help you know when you can replace them. Tyres usually last for 6 to 10 years, but these may also depend on how you use them. Best to inspection each tyres closely.
  • A good rule of thumb is to get your tyres rotated every time you bring your car in for a maintenance check.
  • Make sure to get your wheels checked for alignment.


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