How to Replace Your Car’s Windshield Wipers in 4 Easy Steps

replace windshield wipers

We all know that windshield wipers are a very important part of your car though they are small. Your wipers remove dirt, snow and also gives you a clearer visibility of the road during rainy seasons. It helps keep you safe during your travels.

Now, how do you know if you need to replace them?

The most common signs of whether or not to get a new set of wipers are listed below:

  • Squeaking noise when used
  • There’s skipping in the movement of the wipers
  • There’s dampness on your windshield and streaks or holes
  • Decreased driving perceivability, even with the wipers moving


When your wipers are not replaced the sooner that you experience all of the signs above, it will cause breakage on the wipers’ arm.

If you want to do the replacement yourself, here are the steps you should follow.

  1. First, determine the wipers blades size before you buy your blades. It should fit your vehicle.
  1. Once you’re done checking it the wiper blades will fit your car, lift the metal arm away from the windshield.
  1. While it’s up, check for a small stopper that is holding the blades, press it and separate it from the metal arm. Insert your new blades and attach it tightly to ensure it works properly.
  1. Lastly, just lightly press the wiper back onto your windshield.

And that’s it! You are done, another achievement unlocked for you.


Hearing a squeak that’s not from your wipers? You may need to have it checked.

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