How to Know if Your Car is In Top Travelling Condition

How to Know if Your Car is In Top Travelling Condition

Holidays are just around the corner and with it comes trips with the family or with your good friends. And because you’re going on a long way with your favourite people in the world, you all need to buckle up. But, most of all, you need to keep yourself and everyone else safe.


Before going on a roadtrip, there are at least 8 things you must check to know if your car is in good shape before travelling.


  1. Water/Coolants/Brake Oil

Check your water level under the bonnet as well as your brake fluids. If the levels are too low, your car may have a leak.


  1. Lights

It’s important that all your lights are working before you go on a travel, lights will guide you and will warn other motorists of your car’s presence especially at night.


  1. Wipers

You don’t know when it’s going to rain, to give you a clear visibility of the road ahead, your wipers should be working perfectly fine. Check them ahead before hitting the road.


  1. Wheel and Tyres

It’s such a hassle especially if your tires blow up or become flats in the middle of your drive, it may also cause an accident. Make sure that your tyres are replaced if needed and your tyre pressure are correct.


  1. Brake Pads

If you’re brake pads are worn out, it would cause a major problem. Make sure that you bring your car for a maintenance and you have your brakes check. Brakes are important for slowing or stopping your car.


  1. Spare Wheel

It is always a basic thing to check if you brought a spare tyre, a jack and other things such as your recovery kits. You wouldn’t know what’s going to happen, it’s better to go prepared


  1. Drive Belts

Check your driving belts if there is a crack, because you might regret it later when you get stuck a few kilometres before arriving to your destination


  1. Leaks

Check if there are any signs of oil or coolant under your vehicle, it’s time to check if you have leaks.

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