Protect Your Car From Scratches in 5 Easy Ways

protect car from scratches

Are you having a shock of a lifetime seeing your beloved car with a scratch? Minor or major scratches are said to be normal and impossible to avoid, though some can be prevented or taken off without doing repaints.

Whether it’s an old or new car, taking care of your car’s body is such a hard task. One wrong move and you’ll see unexpected scratches here and there. Every time you take the car out for a drive or park it on our favourite spot is a charge to experience.

There are possible ways on how you can protect your car from scratches and we have enumerated them below to help you from these future problems.


Parking Area

When you are to park your car make sure not to park it in vulnerable places. Don’t park it in place where lots of people tend to pass. Some people are not to careful about others properties and they unexpectedly or accidentally scratch it with their bags or with whatever they are holding.


Drive with Caution

When driving your car, it is a must that you observe a proper distance from the vehicles around you. Tailing the car in front of you might result to unexpected bumps and scratches.


Car Wash

When washing your car, there are certain types of wash cloths that can be used without getting scratches on your car. A microfiber towel is said to be the best wash cloth for a car that is better than cotton or chamois.


Wax Your Car

Protect your car with a coat of wax and buff it after wax application. Waxing your car gives it a smooth finish and makes it look cleaner.


Avoid Placing Objects On Your Car

There are times that because we are lazy to put the things in our hands to proper places, we tend to put it on top of the car (hood, roof, etc.) sometimes, doing these create scratches on your car.


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