How to Remove Dent from Your Car in 4 Easy Ways

Fix Car Dent

Having a dent on your car is a nightmare. Even the smallest can make such a big impact on how your car looks and this could mess up your mood in such a bad way as bringing it in a shop can cost you a lot of money even for such a very small dent.

Now, there are a lot of DIY you can do to put the car back to what it once looks before and some we have enumerated for you to try out.


The Hairdryer Trick

Heat the dent with the hairdryer, it should be about 6 inches away from your car’s surface. Bring the area dented area as hot as possible then use compressed air to blow on it. This would pop on its own.


The Plunger Method

This simple trick works on small dents. It’s like what you do to plunge a sink. To do this, you should wet the dent and the plunger, give it a pull a few times. When doing this, don’t be too aggressive. You wouldn’t want to do more harm than good on your vehicle.


The Boiling Water Trick

Heat water until it’s boiling. Pour the boiling water directly over the dent. Now, once done, put your hands under the dent then push the dent out.


Dry Ice Trick

Did you know that even dry ice are used to fix the dent on your car? To do this, just apply it directly on the affected area. Just rub it on the affected area then see as it pops out on its own. If the dent hasn’t completely gone out on its own, just repeat the same process until the dent is completely gone.


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