5 Clues That You’re Having Electrical Problems with Your Car

car electrical problem

For a modern car to work well, they would need an electrical system. Your car is very  much dependent on it. How your car works is controlled by electrical system, alternator and battery. Once these components become faulty, a number of issues will show up with your car.

It is simple enough to diagnose if you are having some electrical problems with your car. Today, learn how you can identify them through the following signs.


Head Lights or Tail Lights Not Working Properly

If any of your head lights or tail lights are not working properly, maybe dim or doesn’t work, this signifies a problem with the battery or electrical system. If only one of them is not working or doesn’t turn on, this could mean that you need to replace the bulb. If replacing the bulb still doesn’t work, then you should go to your mechanic to have your car’s electrical system checked.


Music Box Is Not Working

If you notice that your music box or GPS is not working even if it’s new or after replacing or after having it checked, there is a good chance that the problem is not with your unit but with your car’s electrical wirings, this could be as simple as a blown fuse.


Smell of Burning Plastic

Probably the most common clue that your car’s electrical wirings/system are busted. If you smell burning plastic or a rubber burning or smell of rubber melting, this indicates that your electrical wirings have shorted out. If you are caught in this situation, bring your vehicle for a service as soon as possible. This could be a minor or a very dangerous and serious situation to be in.


Oxidation of Battery Cables or Terminals

When you say oxidation, it is the breakdown of materials due to chemical reactions. For metals it is known as rust while on cables it looks like an accumulation of bluish, whitish or greenish material. For minor oxidation on wires or cables, you can remove it with a chemical solution, for metals, you can buy an anti-rust spray.


Engine Won’t Start

An easy indicator of an electrical problem is your car not starting. The engine doesn’t crank properly or maybe it does but takes longer than normal. The problem could be your battery or starter or can’t be any of these. It’s better to bring it to your mechanic for thorough checks.

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