Top 3 Reasons Why Your Car Needs Regular Engine Maintenance

Engine Maintenance

Maintaining your car is probably the smartest and the most efficient decision you’ll have ever make after car ownership.  This maybe a difficult job for car owners to do because of a hectic schedule they may be in, but just think about the long-term benefits of doing so. Never let yourself or your car engine’s performance suffer the consequences just because your engine lacks the maintenance it deserves.


Safety and Engine Breakdowns

When you leave your house, it is important that you arrive at your destination safe and sound. After all, your family is waiting for you. With regular engine maintenance done by expert technicians who will give your vehicles a thorough inspection, you can make sure that all issues are fixed before you hit the road. You can give yourself and those around you a peace of mind because the chances of having breakdowns while on the road has been avoided.


Engine Longevity and Value

Having a regular maintenance prevents bigger engine problems and ensures that your vehicles are running smoothly and always working at its best performance for a long period of time. Not only that, if you plan on selling your car, the best and most obvious way to add value to it is when you bring it for a regular maintenance. You may not be an expert in knowing this, but you’ll feel very much confident whoever you try selling it to. If your engine ceases, unfortunately your car is worth very little regardless of the initial cost of the vehicle. Industry standard is changing your oil every 5,000km. Most oil companies and dealerships don’t recommend this as after the warranty period is over, relationship management ceases between buyer and seller.


Good Fuel Efficiency

Having a fuel-efficient car means you helped save the environment as it reduces pollution and smog by 50%. Regular maintenance prevents your car from using up a lot of gas which are harmful towards the environment. It also gives you the best mileage per liter of fuel and the smaller amount of smoke your car emits, the better.

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