Reconditioned Conrods In Parramatta

The connecting rod is vital to giving your vehicle consistent motion. Unfortunately, it’s placed under a lot of stress to achieve that goal. Over time they become bent, cracked and uneven. If left for too long, it may be too late to recondition conrods for Parramatta drivers.

Is Your Connecting Rod Restorable?

That’s the question we ask ourselves each we perform a thorough inspection. When you bring your connecting rod into our workshop, we thoroughly clean and inspect it for any signs of imperfection. Cracks, splits, unevenness and tearing are the most common symptoms of a damaged conrod.

But how do we find these imperfections?

A magnetic particle inspection is the quickest and most efficient way to identify any problems. This involves magnetizing the part and spreading fine materials over it. When viewed under a UV light, this reveals any imperfections and shows us exactly what we need to fix.

The Reconditioning Process

Once we’ve decided whether your conrod is fixable, we perform a variety of processes to restore back to its original specs.

Conrod straightening is essential for establishing a secure fit into the crankshift. This is achieved by cold bending – a process that corrects any bends or twists. Our technicians take special care to prevent any risk of scratching during this process,

Our pin boring machine precisely re-machines worn out tunnels and gives them a freshly smoothened finish. By using the latest in pin boring technology, we establish a secure fit that greatly improves their lifespan.

To further enhance the conrod’s strength and stability, shot peening applies an additional layer of protection. The metallic finish is compressed and gradually becomes more resistant to the effects of fatigue and stress.

Piston Fitting And Alignment

Whether your conrods in Parramatta require a reconditioned piston, or they need re-installing onto your existing ones – we happily fit them on for you.

Our staff and workshop are equipped with all the necessary tools to refit your connecting rod. Special care is taken to ensure all parts are safely transferred and installed without delay.

If you’re looking for a convenient and cost-effective solution to saving your vehicle’s engine – ARA Engine has the solution.

Contact ARA Engine on (02) 9892 1033 or and we’ll book you in for your next service. For all enquiries about reconditioning conrods in Parramatta and other services, contact .

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