Enjoy a Longer Lasting Engine with Crack Detection in Parramatta

A magnetic particle inspection (also known as magnaflux) is a safe and reliable method of locating chips, cracks and splits inside your engine components. We provide crack detection in Parramatta for a range of parts, including crankshafts, camshafts, cylinder heads, axles, gears and other ferrous components.

Why Does a Component Need Crack Testing?

Crack testing is essential to identifying any signs of damage. When our technicians perform crack detection, they can quickly decide whether your component is able to be reconditioned or not.

If your engine component is repairable, we can follow-up the inspection by performing surface grinding, dynamic balancing, line boring and engine honing. These processes restore life back into your component and restore them – as close as possible – to their original working condition.

How Does It Work?

Our crack detection is extremely precise and capable of detecting the smallest cracks above and beneath the surface. We use the MAGMASTER 4000, which is designed to perform heavy-duty bench type crack detection. When a component is secured into the machine, it’s flooded with inspection fluid and given a shot of magnetic current. The fluid disperses into tiny cracks and crevices, which will highlight the extent of any damage that may be present. From there, we can advise you on the best solutions to restore your engine parts.

Non-Destructive To Your Engine

A magnetic particle inspections is completely non-destructive to your components. The MAGMASTER 4000 has thermal overload protection to prevent any components from overheating. The demagnetisation process is also harmless, and is performed by slowly reducing the magnetic field to zero – bringing your component back to its original condition.

Suitable For Almost Any Engine Type

With our crack detection in Parramatta, we can inspect crankshafts up to 1750mm in length and 300kg in weight. No matter what make or model your vehicle is – our device can handle a large range of components.

Discover the benefits of having your engine components inspected. We can provide you with immediate results and advice tailored towards reconditioning your engine. Book your appointment today by calling (02) 9892 1033. Send your online enquiry by filling out our contact form here.
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