Crankshafts Parramatta

The crankshaft plays an important role in transmitting power to other components in your engine. Due to this intensive task, crankshafts are easily susceptible to cracks, splits and dents. At ARA engine, we provide you with a comprehensive service to bring your Crankshafts in Parramatta back to OEM standards.

At our workshop, we use a range of industrial-grade machinery to grind, hone, balance and straighten your crankshaft. Each process is handled by our qualified technicians, who are experienced in reconditioning all kinds of engines.

Call (02) 9892 1033 to enquire about our services for Crankshafts in Parramatta. At ARA Engine, we recondition engines for a range of vehicles including cars, marine, construction, locomotive, agricultural and mining vehicles.

Cleaning & Crack Testing

Before each inspection, we thoroughly wash away dirt, grime, grease and other surface contaminants. This prepares the crankshaft for one of our many crack testing methods, which reveals the extent of any surface damage.

Magnetic particle testing is one way of identifying cracks. By spreading dyed particles over a ferromagnetic surface – cracks, splits and dents are highlighted by the coloured dyes.

To identify more serious damage beneath the surface, we also perform pressure testing. This not only reveals the full-extent of each crack or split, it signals the likelihood of leaking occurring through these crevices.

Crankshaft Straightening

In recent times, stress relieving has become the most popular form of straightening worn down Crankshafts in Parramatta. Unlike using a hydraulic press, this process prevents the risk of cracking any of the journals.

By using a hammer and chisel, we manually realign bent crankshafts with careful precision. This helps relax the material and prevent the risk of cracks reoccurring.

Crankshaft Grinding

Grinding is an important part of the reconditioning process, as it influences how well other components work together. We remove excess materials from each rod and journal, in order to reduce tension and ensure a smoother fit.

This allows the crankshaft to transmit power more effectively and it reduces tension. It greatly increases the crankshaft’s lifespan and brings the specifications back to their OEM standards.

Contact Us

Our workshop is conveniently located south of Parramatta. If you need alternative transport while we service your engine, we’re situated across from Yennora station and several bus stops. Our address is Unit2/32 Whittaker Street, Yennora, NSW, 2161. For all enquiries about our services for Crankshafts in Parramatta, call (02) 9892 1033 or send us your online enquiry.
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