Crack Detection

ARA Engine specialise in crack detection for a broad range of engines.

Our highly qualified technicians use the latest equipment and technology to locate imperfections on your engine parts. We service engines for all makes and models of Cars, Marine, Construction, Locomotive, Agricultural and Mining Vehicles.

By finding these imperfections, we can offer an affordable solution to safely recondition your engine.

Why is Crack Detection Important?

Cracks are an early sign that a component is under excess stress. How a crack is formed will determine their severity, location and overall spread.

Most imperfections are caused by thermal stress, heavy loads, vibrations, metal bending and flexing.

Crack testing is done to find imperfections that pose a risk to the safety and performance of your vehicle. By doing this, we can determine whether an engine part can be reconditioned. This saves us time on trying to fix parts that are destined to fail and better off being replaced.

Not all cracks are visible to the naked eye, therefore, we locate hard-to-find cracks by doing a Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI).

How Do We Test for Cracks?

MPIs are the cheapest, most effective way to find cracks on a ferrous engine part.

Crack detection involves magnetising the part for a few minutes, then applying tiny iron particles over it to see if they attract to any cracks, splits or abnormalities. The particles themselves are fluorescent and easy to see when viewed with an ultraviolet black light.

ARA Engine can perform a crack detection test to determine the condition of many ferrous engine parts. These include crankshafts, camshafts, axles, gears, cylinder heads and more. We can also do off-bench particle inspections for components that are too big for the machine itself.

Is Crack Detection Safe?

The Magmaster 4000 can accept crankshafts up to 1750mm in length and 300kg in weight. The machine has a thermal protection overload function, which prevents your engine part from getting damaged by thermal stress or overload.

Why Choose ARA Engine for Crack Detection

ARA Engine have over 30 years of experience performing crack detection and engine reconditioning for many engine types. With our attention to detail and quality customer service, we guarantee to find the right solution for you.

Call (02) 9892 1033 to book a crack detection appointment for your vehicle. Do you have a question to ask before booking with us? Leave a message to get advice and support on fault finding your engine.



The Magmaster 4000 HDT crack detection machine accurately locates cracks in crankshafts, axles, gears and any other ferrous components by the magnaflux method. Using 4000 amps of power it locates flews even if they are located below the surface of the item.

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