Reconditioned Cylinder Blocks

Cm 2500v Cylinder Block Reboring Milling Machines

Cylinder blocks require different levels of machining and reconditioning. Through the use of our AMC CM2500-V, a customer is provided with unparalleled accuracy. Our team has the ability to simultaneously surface grind blocks, to provide perpendicular bore to deck surface alignment.

Cylinder blocks are an integral part of an engine’s construction, providing the foundation for pistons, crankshafts, and other essential components. Over time, cylinder blocks can become worn, damaged, or warped, resulting in a loss of engine power and efficiency.

At ARA Engine Reconditioning, we use state-of-the-art machinery to restore cylinder blocks to their original manufacturer standards. Our AMC CM2500-V machine provides unparalleled accuracy, allowing us to simultaneously surface grind cylinder blocks to ensure a perpendicular bore to deck surface alignment. This precision machining ensures optimal compression, reducing engine noise and vibration and maximizing engine power and performance.

Our experienced team of technicians takes great care to ensure that each cylinder block is expertly machined and reconditioned to meet or exceed OEM standards. Trust us to provide top-quality cylinder block reconditioning for all engine types and applications.

Cylinder Blocks Services

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