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How to Detect and Repair a Problem with Diesel Injection Pump

An Injection Pump is a piece of equipment that siphons or pumps diesel into the cylinders of a diesel engine. Generally, the injection pump is driven in some way from the crankshaft by gears or toothed belt that also propels the camshaft.

This works by pressurising and injecting the fuel, it tosses fuel into the air which is forced to high pressure in the combustion chamber.  The diesel injection pump performs the following  tasks: feeds the fuel, pressurise fuel, lifts the plunger and send it to the injector.


There are several ways in determining if a fuel injector is faulty:

  • Vehicle misfire and difficulty in starting ignition.
  • Rough acceleration or poor performance
  • Engine light comes on
  • Listen if there are series of clicks in the engine, do this with a stethoscope, if you don’t have any, this may indicate that the fuel injector is faulty
  • Check for leaks under the injectors while the ignition is in “ON” position but remember not to start the car while doing this. Do this by placing a paper towel under the injectors, check back in a few minutes if there is fuel on the paper towel. A fuel on a paper towel indicates leakage.

It is important to note that there are other things which may cause the above, so it is better to bring it to your trusted mechanic for checking. Diesel injection pumps can fail for various reasons; some fundamental troubleshooting procedure normally solve the issue.

Here are several ways to sort out the issue:

  • Detach the negative battery cable.
  • Disconnect the throttle linkage and bracket.
  • Remove the fuel drain manifold.
  • Take out the injection pump supply line.
  • Take off the high pressure lines.
  • Detach the electrical wire to the fuel shut off valve.
  • Detach the fuel air control tube.
  • Disconnect the pump support bracket.
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